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What is CCNA?

As Enterprises migrate toward controller based architectures, the role and skills required of a core network engineer are evolving and more vital than ever. To prepare for this network transition, the CCNA Routing and Switching certification will not only prepare you with the knowledge of foundational technologies, but ensure you stay relevant with skill sets needed for the adoption of next generation technologies.

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Starting From 15 July | Duration 2 Months

CCNA Opportunities in Pakistan

The career opportunities after CCNA certifications are many, right from small companies to major corporations and even in the public sector.One can also apply to other positions such as network administrator, IT support executive, and Network Security Analyst amongst others.

What You Will Learn in CCNA Course?

Understand and implement networking concepts and technologies. You will be able to configure, manage and troubleshoot CISCO routers and switches in the will also be prepared and ready to pass Cisco’s CCNA certification exam.


After CCNA Course

  • IT/CS students fed up from programming, can find alternative career
  • Entrepreneurs can start Their Career in IT Srvices
  • you will be ready to pass Cisco’s CCNA certification exam.
  • Businesses can saves thousands being spent on Networking

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About CCNA Trainer

Mr. Usmani has over 16 years of experience in the field of System & Networks. He is a well experienced professional and an expert trainer of his field. He has numerous certifications of different vendors in different disciplines like IT Infrastructure, security, data center design, IT Auditing. He has worked in top leading organization of Pakistan; Bank Alflah, Premier System etc.

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CCNA Training Outline

Module 1: Build a Simple Network

  • Examples of networks
  • Common network components by function
  • Characteristics of a network
  • Compare and contrast logical and physical topologies
  • Interpret network diagrams
  • User applications on the network
  • Identify the requirements of a host-to-host communication model
  • The OSI reference model
  • Functions and purposes of the TCP/IP layers
  • Peer-to-peer communication
  • Encapsulation and de-encapsulation
  • Components of a LAN
    • Switches
  • Characteristics and features of switches
  • Cisco IOS Software
  • Functions and usage of the Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Switch installation and configuration
  • Ethernet LAN connection media
  • Ethernet frame fields
  • Duplex communication
  • Troubleshooting switch issues

Module 2: Establishing Internet Connectivity

  • Characteristics of IP
  • IPv4 components and addresses
  • DNS functions
  • Subnets and subnet mask
  • Subnetting
  • Role and implementation of VLSM
  • Purpose and functions of the TCP/IP transport layer
  • Transport
  • TCP vs. UDP analogy
  • Role, components, and functions of a router
  • Router configuration
  • Network discovery protocol
  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
  • Default gateway
  • Packet delivery
  • Static and dynamic routing
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs)
    • Standard IPv4 ACLs
    • Configure and verify ACLs
  • Demarcation point
  • DHCP and static addresses
  • NAT and PAT configuration and verification

Module 3: Build a Medium-Sized Network

  • VLANs and trunking implementation
  • Inter-VLAN routing configuration and application
  • IOS DHCPv4 server configuration
  • Routing protocols
  • RIPv2 features and configuration

Module 4: Managing and Securing Network Devices

  • Unused ports security
  • Port security configuration
  • Configure and verify NTP
  • Syslog messages and configuration
  • ROM functions
  • Router boot sequence
  • IOS image files
  • IOS file systems
  • Licenses

Module 5: Introducing IPv6

  • IPv4 issues
  • IPv6 features and addresses
  • IPv6 operation and configuration

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