Web Development Trainings in Lahore

Websites are the core of every business today. Even if you are a service provider or an online e-commerce store, you are expected and in some cases required to have a proper website to run your business. This is where Web Development Course in Lahore where web

developers come in. If you are looking for the same then stop searching and get ready to enroll with the industry-led trainers for professional web development in Lahore.

Trainers at Innova Networks are skilled, experienced and also professionals who have great teaching experience in web development courses in Lahore and other cities. Whether you are willing to design your own website or you are getting ready to start a new job or career in Web Development in Lahore, Innova Networks will give you the best of skills and hands-on project training.

The first software House based institute that is providing Beginners to Expert Level Professional Web designing & web development course in Lahore. Our aim is to provide you hands-on professional training until you learn and become an expert Designer / Developer.

Professional Web Development Training Course in Lahore Pakistan:

Innova Network offers a Professional Web designing and Web development course in Lahore. If you are willing to become a master in web development, there is an Innova Network to help you. There is a high demand for web developers in the market because most of the companies are trying to base their data on the Web/internet. Also, People who want to make their own website and don’t know anything about web development just come to us for learning. Because of the high demand for web development course, these web development courses make everybody interested in learning to become an expert in web development. Web Designing, HTML, XML, DHTML, CSS, PHP, Word Press, JQuery, HTML5 Training Course in Lahore. Web Designing & Web Development Training in Pakistan

Web development courses institute in Lahore Pakistan. Web development refers to build, create, and maintain websites. It contains web designing, web publishing, web programming, and database management. While the terms “web developer” and “web designer” are often used as the same words but they do not mean the same thing. Basically, a web designer only designs the website interface by using HTML and CSS. A web developer can be involved in designing a website, but may also write web scripts in different languages such as PHP and ASP.

Who May Enroll in Our Web Development Courses in Lahore?

  • Students of web development.
  • People who have little knowledge of Web Development in Lahore.
  • Employees of web development-oriented companies and software houses who want to boost their skills in this field.
  • Professionals already working as web developers who want to learn the latest tools and tricks in the market.
  • Anyone who is interested in proper certification of web development in Lahore Pakistan.
  • People who own online stores or want to build one and require the use of web development to better promote/sell products and services.
  • Anyone who wants to create his own website.

Here is a short overview of what we teach at our Web Development Course:

HTML:  Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the programming language that forms the base of web development. Innova Network will teach you how to create your websites and its sections and layout. This will further teach you about tags and elements, text, lists, tables, hyperlinks, images, marquee, forms and control. You will learn how to work audio and video multimedia into HTML.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): An introduction to CSS Section with a focus on Internal and External CSS. How to make Classes and IDs, working with Divs, colors, floating, positioning, margins and other CSS properties. Also, you will learn how to use tables, lists, formatting style sheets, multiple navigation bars, and animations and how to build a mobile-based Web App.

Web Development in Lahore is not completed without learning the basics of JavaScript. We will teach you all of its techniques.

Jquery:  Full understanding of Jquery and how it is used to control HTML. Concentrate on internal and external Jquery and its HTML elements. Our professional developers will also guide you on how to use HTML tags, change website content and manipulate styles with Jquery.

Bootstrap: Bootstrap is the heart of all web development courses in Lahore Pakistan. In this course, we will give you an understanding of this vast framework and methods to apply it and also you will learn how to make the website responsive using Bootstrap.

Mysqli: Learning basics of MYSQL/MYSQLI especially on Windows and Linux platforms. Applying SQL queries and querying multiple tables using joins, union, and subquery. You will also learn how to manage the MySQLi database.

PHP: Here you learn how to use and configure web servers. This introduces PHP. You will learn to handle forms, PHP operations, statements and flow control in PHP.

Functions in PHP: This is the most advanced and important part of the Web Development Courses in Lahore where you will learn to work with Arrays, databases in PHP, object-oriented programming (OOP) concept in PHP. You will also learn about E-commerce websites with a focus on Object-Oriented PHP and MySQL, Word Press integration and Laravel inro and installation.

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