About Final Year Project Mentoring Program

FYPs are considered as unitary of the core components for computer science

and software engineering discipline students at the undergraduate levels. These projects play a key role in forming
the student’s mind-set towards performing real life projects.
We are a team of highly qualified professional providing mentoring, hands on project facilitation, consultancy for all types of final year projects. We develop, guide and train students on their final year projects so that they can develop their final year project and score the best of marks in their FYP. As we are evolving technologically day by day in this modern era of science and technology, our IT and engineering students are theoretically very sound but most of them are lacking when it comes to the practical implementation.
To cop this problem, we have launched FYP mentoring program. Where we’ll guide our students on each step of FYP, how to generate idea and how to implement the technology.